Video Production in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and beyond for companies, agencies, brands, businesses and organizations.

A-Squared Communications is a digital media and video production company based in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto serving clients throughout Canada and North America. Our goal is to create high quality exciting, innovative and powerful HD videos for your artistic, corporate or commercial campaigns. We want your message or your product to be seen and heard.

Every project and client is unique, but all projects share a need for quality and value from concept to post-production. A-Squared Communications brings the same high level of commitment, energy and expertise to every project we work on. We literally become part of your team.

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Social Video

Never underestimate the power of a video. It can reach thousands and millions of people across the world as long as it is on the right platform.

Live Streaming

From simple presentations to large scale conferences and events, we offer high-quality, interactive webcast solutions.

Video Production

We produce all types of commercial, corporate, social, digital and mobile videos for companies, agencies, brands, organizations, nonprofits, start-ups and businesses across all industries.