Branding Design – National Mentoring Symposium 2013


We recently completed the logo and branding design for the National Mentoring Symposium to be held in Banff on November 5 -7, 2013.

The logo represents an adult or youth and a younger child formed from a letter ‘M’ combined with the use of bright, positive colours. The logo can be used with type or without as a simple icon depending on its use.

Mentoring Symposium Logo-icon


Mentoring Symposium Logo-banner

A horizontal version was also created for use on banners and certain signage items. We will be working on all signage material, promotional posters and literature in the time leading up to the event.

mentoring cover

This symposium will celebrate 100 years of mentoring across Canada by showcasing innovative mentoring partnerships, practices, programs and research and by setting the stage for mentoring in the future.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) and The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) are working together to co-host the first ever national conference on mentoring.  The event will strive to advance the unique contributions of mentoring to the well‑being of children and youth, volunteer mentors and communities across Canada by highlighting innovative partnerships, promising practices or programs and the state of the research.

We will also be live webcasting the entire three day event. More details on this to follow soon.

mentoring cover -2


Live Webcast of the 2013 REALTORS® Housing Forecast Seminar

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their annual housing forecast on January 9th at a seminar at the Northlands Expo Centre attended by 700 REALTORS® and business people. A-Squared TV broadcast the entire event via live webcast as President Darrell Cook forecast that the value of MLS® sales in 2013 will increase by about 3% for the year after sales of $7 billion in 2012. This is based on a three percent increase in the number of homes sold and increased prices. Cook expects that single family homes, duplexes and rowhouses will increase on average by 2% while the average price for condos will increase by one percent next year.

For a more detailed look into the forecast watch the archive of the live webcast we produced on January 9th…